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Year 7 | Year 8 | Year 9

Year 7, 8 and 9 Mathematics are compulsory full year subjects in each year level. Throughout these years, students develop skills in the three substrands of ‘Number and Algebra’, ‘Measurement and Geometry’ and ‘Statistics and Probability’. Wherever possible, the learning is linked with other curriculum areas and focussed on inquiry or problem-based-learning so students see the ‘bigger picture’ and importance of maths when solving a wide range of real-life problems. Classroom learning activities are supplemented by engagement with an online learning platform, Manga High, which adapts content to address students’ learning needs. A focus on growth mindsets and the understanding that anyone can engage with maths to the highest level is also an important part of mathematics learning in these years.

Year 7 Mathematics

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Year 8 Mathematics

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Year 9 Mathematics

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Year 10A Mathematics

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Year 10 Mathematics

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Stage 1 Specialist Mathematics

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Stage 1 Mathematical Methods

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Stage 1 General Mathematics

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Stage 2 Specialist Mathematics

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Stage 2 Mathematical Methods

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Stage 2 General Mathematics

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Stage 2 Essential Mathematics

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