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Mathematics 10A & 10AC

Year 10

10A (Advanced) Mathematics builds on the skills from year 9 where students start to use their mathematical skills to solve more applied problems. Although the same topics are generally covered as all year 10 classes, students studying 10A Mathematics will go into more depth and tackle more abstracted problems. A small number of topics covering advanced year 10 curriculum concepts are only covered in the 10A course. This enables students to become confident in solving complex and unfamiliar problems which lay the foundation for year 11 and 12 Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics.

Students intending to study Mathematical Methods or Specialist Mathematics in years 11 or 12 should choose an additional semester of mathematics in year 10 (10A C), making this a three-semester course. Although not compulsory, this enables students to be adequately prepared and have a more robust knowledge base as they spend more time unpacking trigonometry, geometry and matrices topics in preparation for these SACE subjects.

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