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Stage 1

General Mathematics:
This course gives students opportunities to develop their skills by applying them to real world problems and looking in depth at extended projects. With these investigations, there is scope for students to connect to other curriculum areas and align these to their own interests. The course focuses on modelling and application, rather than the more abstract mathematical concepts.

Mathematical Methods:
For students who have completed and enjoyed 10A Mathematics, or who have a passion for STEM subjects and hope to continue this into Year 12 and beyond, this course is an essential choice. It not only builds on mathematical skills from 10A Mathematics but, with the introduction of calculus, students develop some powerful concepts which are applied to a variety of settings.

Specialist Mathematics:
Specialist Mathematics introduces students to some new topics and concepts which are crucial for further study of Mathematics and Science in Year 12 and beyond. Vectors and complex numbers are met for the first time and the ability to formulate proofs is developed further. With trigonometry also explored in more detail, this course is of interest to those students who enjoy learning new concepts and are wanting to continue into STEM careers, where there is a prerequisite at university for courses in these fields.

Year 7 Mathematics

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Year 10 Mathematics

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Stage 1 Mathematical Methods

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