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Stage 2

In the Senior School, students can choose to be a Maths Leader which allows them to support other students and assist in a variety of ways. It is envisaged that there will be opportunities for Maths Leaders to be involved in STEM projects and other cross–curricular learning and support projects. This is a great way to develop confidence and leadership skills, as well as promote mathematics at Mitcham Girls High School.

General Mathematics:
Students study a variety of modelling techniques with a focus on solving routine and complex real-life problems. These include two projects: one where they look at manufacturing or business models using linear programming, and another where sporting

predictions are made using matrices. Both investigations have proven popular and enjoyable, and again give opportunities for students to follow their own interests.

This course is of interest to students wanting to go into business courses, or some health and science courses at university. It is generally less abstract and can be accessed by any student who was successful in Year 10 Mathematics and Year 11 General Mathematics.

Mathematical Methods:
Mathematical Methods develops an increasingly complex and sophisticated understanding of calculus and statistics. By using functions and their derivatives and integrals, and by mathematically modelling physical processes, students develop a deep understanding of the physical world through a sound knowledge of relationships involving rates of change.

Specialist Mathematics:
Specialist Mathematics is to be studied in conjunction with Mathematical Methods. It draws on and deepens students’ mathematical knowledge, skills, and understanding, and provides opportunities for students to develop their skills in using rigorous mathematical arguments and proofs using mathematical models. It includes the study of functions and calculus. The subject leads to study in a range of tertiary courses such as mathematical sciences, engineering, computer science and physical sciences.

Essential Mathematics:
Essential Mathematics offers senior secondary students the opportunity to extend their mathematical skills in ways that apply to practical problem-solving in everyday and workplace contexts. Students apply their mathematics to diverse settings, including everyday calculations, financial management, business applications, measurement and geometry, and statistics in social contexts. In Essential Mathematics there is an emphasis on developing students’ computational skills and expanding their ability to apply their mathematical skills in flexible and resourceful ways.

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