Stage 1

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Expectations of Senior Students:

  • are expected to do a minimum of 1 to 2 hours of homework each night, depending on year level
  • are expected to be committed to their studies and show initiative in order to attain success
  • are expected to use diaries or other electronic means for the recording of homework, deadlines and tests
  • must follow the school and SACE Board deadline policies for completing and handing in work
  • must take more responsibility for the planning and completion of all work.

Subject Selection at Stage 1

Students at Stage 1 study a minimum of 10 semester subjects and the Research Project worth 10 credits each. There is a combination of Compulsory Subjects and Choice Subjects. Stage 1 students should take into account pathways to Stage 2 subjects as well as their post school options when making their subject selections.

Stage 1 Curriculum

Compulsory SubjectsSACE Credits
English or Essential English or EAL10 Credits
General Mathematics or Mathematical Methods (1 Semester)10 Credits
Research Project (1 Semester)10 Credits
Choice SubjectsSACE Credits
Ancient Studies10 Credits
Biology10 Credits
Business Innovation10 Credits
Chemistry10 Credits
Child Studies10 Credits
Dance10 Credits
Technologies and Engineering10 Credits
Digital Media10 Credits
Drama10 Credits
Fashion and Textiles10 Credits
English Literary Studies10 Credits
Food and Hospitality10 Credits
French (Continuers)10 Credits
General Mathematics10 Credits
Health10 Credits
Italian (Continuers)10 Credits
Mathematical Methods10 Credits
Music10 Credits
Modern History10 Credits
Nutrition10 Credits
Physical Education10 Credits
Physics10 Credits
Psychology10 Credits
Specialist Mathematics10 Credits
Visual Arts – Art10 Credits
Visual Arts – Design10 Credits
Women’s Studies10 Credits
Workplace Practices10 Credits