Year 9

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Year 9 Curriculum

Students in Year 9 study subjects from the Australian Curriculum. They need to complete 14 units of study across the year. This equates to 7 units per semester (one semester equals two school terms).

The compulsory areas of study are: English or English as an Additional Language (EAL); Geography; Health and Physical Education or GifT Dance; History; Mathematics; Science. Other areas of study include 5 units from the Choice Subjects.

Students are able to apply to join, or continue, the GifT Academic Program and undertake specialised instruction in English, Geography, History, Mathematics and Science.

Students who learn an instrument through the school are expected to study Music for at least one semester.

Choice SubjectsUnits
Creative Arts (semester 2 only)1
Dance (studied for a full year – 2 units)1
Design and Technologies1
Digital Technologies1
Food and Textiles1
French (studied for a full year – 2 units)1
Italian (studied for a full year – 2 units)1
Music (studied for a full year – 2 units)1
Musical Theatre (Semester 1 only)1
Physical Education – Extension1
Visual Arts – Art1
Visual Arts – Photography1
Total Units 14