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Year 9

Technologies subjects become semester-based electives from Year 9 for all students. The 2 subjects from Year 7 and 8 expand into 4 to allow for more subject specialisation within the following areas:

Design & Technologies:
Students will develop an understanding of a range of materials, components, tools and equipment. The major focus for this course is designing projects with either timber and/or metal. Projects include construction of a timber parquetry clock as the initial skills task with the major design project being an outdoor entertainment theme. Major projects could include anything from wooden games to metal fire pits.

Digital Technologies:
Students will learn a range of programming skills whilst designing a range of digital solutions. This includes new skills in and app development whilst continuing to develop existing knowledge of robotics. Students will also investigate emerging career pathways in cyber security, game development and artificial intelligence through working with local industries and universities.

This subject is for students interested in STEM related pathways and is integrated with both Year 9 Mathematics and Science courses. Students will be recommended by their Year 8 Mathematics, Science and Technologies teachers for this subject but is open for all to select. The course will focus on a range of engineering principles and systems to develop solutions to range of different school-based challenges and national engineering competitions.

Food & Textiles:
This semester course is approximately a term each in both Food and Textiles depending on the main interest of the students. The food component introduces students to a range of food preparation tools, equipment and techniques which are used to make high quality, safe and nutritious food. Whilst the textiles component introduces the properties of different textile materials and sewing techniques.

Year 7 Technologies

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Year 8 Technologies

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Year 9 Engineering

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Year 9 Design and Technologies

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Year 9 Food and Textiles

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Year 9 Digital Technologies

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Year 10 Engineering

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Year 10 Design and Technologies

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Year 10 Fashion and Textiles

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Year 10 Food Technologies

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Year 10 Digital Technologies

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Stage 1 Technologies & Engineering

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Stage 1 Fashion and Textiles

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Stage 1 Food & Hospitality

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Stage 1 Digital Media

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Stage 1 Business Innovation

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Stage 2 Technologies & Engineering

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Stage 2 Technologies & Engineering

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Stage 2 Food and Hospitality

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Stage 2 Digital Media

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Stage 2 Business Innovation

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