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Stage 1

Business Innovation:
Students in Year 11 develop business skills and knowledge that enables them to identify opportunities and initiate, create, and successfully implement solutions through the context of a ‘start- up’ business. Students communicate with a range of stakeholders to inform and refine their solutions.

Digital Media:
Students will have the opportunity to further their learning Photography and Graphic Design during Semester 1 with Film production and Animation being the focus in semester 2. The aim of these areas will be on developing industry standard skills by using Adobe software programs. These will range from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign for photography and graphical projects with Premiere Pro, After Effects and Animate to create interactive projects.

Food & Hospitality:
Students focus on the dynamic nature of the food, both locally and globally, whilst developing an understanding of a range of contemporary approaches in the hospitality industry. Students participate in a range of authentic and collaborative activities including coordinating catering events at school. Students will also get the opportunity to work with and visit a hospitality venue to develop their critical understanding to solve industry related problems.

Technologies & Engineering:
Technologies and Engineering provides a pathway for students who have studied Year 10 Design and Technologies and/or Engineering. Students investigate a range of existing products, systems or materials, then develop their own projects that are negotiated according to student interest areas. Major projects can include and range or combination of product design, robotics, digital electronics, furniture design and construction.

Fashion and Textiles:
Students will develop practical skills in garment design and manufacture. This equips them with the skills and knowledge required when considering career opportunities in fashion design and related occupations. Students use a range of skills and production techniques including the use of hand tools, machines and equipment to design and make garments.

Year 7 Technologies

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Year 10 Engineering

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Year 10 Fashion and Textiles

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Stage 1 Technologies & Engineering

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Stage 1 Digital Media

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Stage 1 Business Innovation

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