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Stage 2

Business Innovation:
Students learn, explore and develop the tools to undertake theoretical and practical solutions to businesses who are ether starting or already established. They develop skills in decision- making and project management, financial literacy and information management, innovation and the understanding of global, local, and digital perspectives.

Digital Media:
This course provides a pathway for students who have studied Stage 1 Digital Media. Students can choose either photography, graphic design, web-design, film or multi-media as the context for their major project. They select the most relevant and appropriate techniques to effectively communicate their projects. Students have the option to produce a range of different media products using industry standard software.

Food & Hospitality:
This course provides opportunities to plan, prepare and cater for a range of school events and functions. The students develop skills and safe work practices in the preparation, storage and handling of food, complying with current health and safety legislation. Students focus on the impact of the food and hospitality industry and examine the contemporary and changing nature of the industry. Students will further develop relevant knowledge and skills as consumers and industry workers.

Technologies & Engineering:
Technologies and Engineering provides a pathway for students who have studied Stage 1 Design and Technologies, Engineering and Fashion and Textiles. Students investigate a range of existing products, systems or materials, then develop their own projects that meet a specific design brief. Major projects can range from product design, robotics, digital electronics, furniture design and construction.

Year 7 Technologies

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Year 8 Technologies

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Year 9 Engineering

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Year 9 Design and Technologies

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Year 9 Food and Textiles

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Year 9 Digital Technologies

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Year 10 Engineering

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Year 10 Design and Technologies

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Year 10 Fashion and Textiles

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Year 10 Food Technologies

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Year 10 Digital Technologies

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Stage 1 Technologies & Engineering

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Stage 1 Fashion and Textiles

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Stage 1 Food & Hospitality

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Stage 1 Digital Media

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Stage 1 Business Innovation

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Stage 2 Technologies & Engineering

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Stage 2 Technologies & Engineering

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Stage 2 Food and Hospitality

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Stage 2 Digital Media

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Stage 2 Business Innovation

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