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Stage 1 | Stage 2

At Stage 1 Music students perform as soloists and in ensembles, and complete a composition, arrangements and reflection on their work. They can choose to focus on additional performances or more analysis and theory. Music Theatre/Voice can be chosen within this course.

At Stage 2 students choose a full year course from Music Studies, Music Explorations or Music Performance (Solo/ Ensemble). This choice is negotiated with the Music teacher. There is also the option to complete a full-year, 10-unit course of music performance in solo or ensemble, as a subject that does not count towards ATAR.

Year 7 Music

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Year 8 Music

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Year 9 Music

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Year 10 Music

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Stage 1 Music

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Stage 2 Music

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Year 9 Musical Theatre

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Year 10 Musical Theatre

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