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Stage 1 | Stage 2

Students investigate the effect and use of bacteria and their impact on our lives now and in the future. They also look at the need for biodiversity and maintaining the health of ecosystems.

Students study genetic engineering practices and gain an understanding of the changes in gene manipulation. Students design and conduct biological investigations and gather evidence from their investigations. As they explore a

range of biology related issues, students recognise that the body of biological knowledge is constantly changing and increasing through the application of new ideas and technologies.

This is a practical-based subject which introduces students to the following biological concepts:

  • Cell Parts and Function
  • Ecosystems and Biodiversity
  • Immune Systems – Microbes and Disease
  • Body Systems

Stage 2 Biology students learn about organisms and their surroundings. They look at the chemicals used and built within the cells and the functions and types of cells in complex multicellular organisms. Students then look at how these cells work together in systems within an organism, finishing with how organisms have evolved and adapted to their changing environments, or died out in the process.

Students design and conduct biological investigations and gather evidence from their investigations from topics including DNA and Proteins, Cells – Structures and Functions, Homeostasis and Evolution.

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