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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Stage 1 | Stage 2

SACE EAL subjects focus on the development and use of skills and strategies in communication, comprehension, research, language and text analysis, and text creation. Students explore information, opinions and experiences through writing and speaking in a range of contexts. Students analyse personal, social and cultural perspectives presented in texts.

Both Stage 1 and 2 EAL are available to students who speak English as an additional language (EAL), and whose knowledge of the English language is classified as restricted based on the SACE eligibility criteria.

Stage 1 EAL
Evidence of learning is provided by:

  • Responding to texts
  • Interactive Study
  • Language Study

Stage 2 EAL

Evidence of learning is provided by:

  • Academic Literacy Study (30%)
  • Responses to Texts (40%)
  • Examination (30%) (Externally Assessed)

Year 7 EAL

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Year 8 EAL

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Year 9 EAL

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Year 10 EAL

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Stage 1 EAL

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Stage 2 EAL

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