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Scientific Studies

Stage 2

Students develop the skills and abilities to explain scientific phenomena, and to draw evidence-based conclusions from the investigation of science-related issues. In this way, students develop scientific knowledge and skills to support them in their future, including career pathways that are science-related, and everyday life in a world shaped by science and technology.

Students investigate at least one issue in science of personal, social or environmental relevance. They learn to pose questions about the world around them. They use their observations and gather data and information to generate evidence and test scientific claims.

Students have the opportunity to investigate areas of interest and are involved within the design process of the program. Through this, they are able to access the science of their choosing (physics, biology, psychology, chemistry).

Topics studied may include:

  • Forensic Science
  • Food Science
  • Microbes
  • Consumer Science
  • Water Ecology
  • Animal Conservation

Students also choose their own investigation based on one of the four main areas of science they’re interested in (physics, chemistry, biology, psychology).

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Stage 2 Scientific Studies

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