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Languages: French or Italian

Stage 1

Students interact with others to share information, ideas, opinions and experiences. They analyse texts to interpret meaning, examine relationships between language and culture, and identify and reflect on ways in which culture influences communication. Students learn about aspects of either the French or Italian lifestyle through the study of written, aural, audio or visual texts. Courses are divided into three themed topic areas which classes may select from a range of prescribed sub- topics. Students are assessed against four key areas of evidence: interaction, text production, text analysis and investigation.

Year 7 French

1 of 12

Year 7 Italian

2 of 12

Year 8 French

3 of 12

Year 8 Italian

4 of 12

Year 9 French

5 of 12

Year 9 Italian

6 of 12

Year 10 French

7 of 12

Year 10 Italian

8 of 12

Stage 1 French (Continuers)

9 of 12

Stage 1 Italian (Continuers)

10 of 12
Stage 2 French (Continuers) 11 of 12

Stage 2 Italian (Continuers)

12 of 12