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Languages: French or Italian

Stage 2

Students undertake a course of learning designed to enable them to use their target language fluently, accurately and appropriately in communication with others. This course is designed for students who have undertaken between 400–500 hours of study in their language of choice by the end of Stage 2. Students study three themed-focus areas of study with several sub-topics and prescribed topics. Students are required to undertake an individual in-depth study in an area connected with the culture, history, geography or lifestyle of target language communities. Each course currently has a compulsory written external examination which is conducted in an on-line (electronic) format, as well as an oral external examination. Once combined, they are worth 30% of the subject grade.

In future there may be the opportunity for overseas study trips. These, however, are always influenced by the need to meet requirements for safety, health, costs, numbers participating and the overall risk assessment.

Year 7 French

1 of 12

Year 7 Italian

2 of 12

Year 8 French

3 of 12

Year 8 Italian

4 of 12

Year 9 French

5 of 12

Year 9 Italian

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Year 10 French

7 of 12

Year 10 Italian

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Stage 1 French (Continuers)

9 of 12

Stage 1 Italian (Continuers)

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Stage 2 French (Continuers) 11 of 12

Stage 2 Italian (Continuers)

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