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English Literary Studies

Stage 2

In Stage 2 English Literary Studies, students primarily focus on developing the skills and strategies of critical reading and analysis needed to interpret texts. The course focuses on ways in which literary texts – novels, poetry, film, drama – represent culture and identity, and on the dynamic relationship between authors, texts, audiences, and contexts.

Students produce responses that show the depth and clarity of their understanding, and their critical reasoning. By focusing on the creativity and craft of the authors, students develop strategies to enhance their own skills in creating texts.

There are six school-based assessments: a novel response, a film response, a critical perspectives task, a poetry comparison, a transformative text and writer’s statement, and a persuasive text. This course includes an externally assessed comparative analysis and a critical reading e-exam.

The following assessment types enable students to demonstrate their learning in Stage 2 English Literary Studies:

School assessment (70%):

  • Assessment Type 1: Responding to Texts (50%)
  • Assessment Type 2: Creating Texts (20%)

External assessment (30%):

  • Assessment Type 3: Text Study:
    • Part A: Comparative Text Study (15%)
    • Part B: Critical Reading Exam (15%)

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