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Stage 2

In Stage 2 English students engage with a range of texts, such as novels, media texts and film. They explore the interrelationships of author, text, and audience, with an emphasis on how language and stylistic features shape ideas and perspectives in a range of contexts.

An understanding of purpose, audience, and context is applied in students’ own creation of imaginative, interpretive, analytical, and persuasive texts that may be written, oral, and/or multimodal.

There are seven school-based assessments: a film response, a novel response, a mass media comparison, a digital recount, a persuasive text, a narrative, and a writer’s statement. The external assessment is a comparative analysis.

The following assessment types enable students to demonstrate their learning in Stage 2 English:

School assessment (70%):

  • Assessment Type 1: Responding to Texts (30%)
  • Assessment Type 2: Creating Texts (40%)

External assessment (30%):

  • Assessment Type 3: Comparative Analysis (30%)

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