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Stage 1

Students demonstrate a range of skills in response to studies of texts including novels, plays, short stories, poems and media. They apply their knowledge and understanding to produce texts of their own for differing purposes and audiences. Students develop an increased awareness of the connections between texts and how language can be used to communicate in diverse ways. Evidence of learning is provided by analysis of texts, creating their own texts and intertextual study.

Essential English:
Students demonstrate their skills of communication through the interpretation, response and creation of a range of texts in contemporary forms. The subject is accessible to all students and provides an alternative approach to meeting the required literacy component for SACE. It focuses on a combination of real world and fictional text experiences. Evidence of learning is provided through text analysis, and multi-modal and written text creation. Assessment includes television, film and novel response questions, a social action speech, narrative writing and a multimodal response to an excursion.

English Literary Studies:
This Semester 2 course helps to prepare those students who are interested in undertaking Stage 2 English Literary Studies. It includes several tasks unique to this subject including a “transforming text” task and a “critical perspectives” task. There is also an emphasis on expanding exam skills. Additionally, the subject focuses on challenging texts and on developing students’ comparative writing through an Individual Study where they are able to choose one of the texts.

Year 7 English

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