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Year 7 | Year 8 | Year 9 | Year 10

Students develop movement skills using physical strength, flexibility, coordination and balance through skill-based classes in jazz and/or contemporary technique.

Guided by a theme, they create their own movement compositions individually and in collaboration with others. They develop confidence by performing and reflecting on their own work and the work of other dancers and choreographers. Students study the requirements of safe dance practice, basic anatomy, injury prevention, and dance specific injuries. They gain an appreciation of dance from other cultures, communities and time periods.

Research and homework tasks are included in the theoretical component and participation in performances is compulsory.

Year 7 GifT Dance

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Year 7 Dance

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Year 8 GifT Dance

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Year 8 Dance

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Year 9 GifT Dance

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Year 9 Dance

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Year 10 GifT Dance

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Year 10 Dance

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Stage 1 Dance

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Stage 2 Dance

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