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Stage 1 | Stage 2

At Stage 1, students plan, rehearse and perform a dramatic work. They write and perform or design a production based on an investigation into a dramatic innovator or a style/s of drama. Students learn how to analyse their own dramatic and creative process, performance outcomes and the creative choices of others, through reflective writing. Assessment is based on these practical and written activities. At Stage 2, students work collaboratively to develop and sustain a theatre company, which guides the direction of their major production and other creative performance pieces throughout the course. To ensure the success of their theatre company, students may take on various roles either on or off stage. They analyse, reflect on and evaluate their own dramatic processes. They interpret and analyse dramatic works and innovators through performance tasks and written and multimodal responses. Their assessment is based on a combination of these practical and written tasks.

Year 7 Drama

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Year 8 Drama

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Year 9 Drama

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Year 9 Musical Theatre

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Year 10 Drama

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Year 10 Musical Theatre

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Stage 1 Drama

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Stage 2 Drama

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