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👩‍🔬🛰️ Innovative Minds at Work: STEM Girls Academy Visits FLEET Space Agency! 🛰️👩‍🔬

Mitcham Girls High School year 9 students as part of STEM Girls Academy had an out-of-this-world experience at FLEET Space Agency! 🌌

🚀 What We Discovered:

– The ins and outs of satellite technology.
– The creation of 3D-printed, lightweight aluminum alloy casings.
– Real-time satellite tracking in action.

🔥 The Challenge: FLEET set our minds ablaze with a mission: “Use satellite technology to mitigate bushfire damage.”

🤔 The Response: Teams engaged in the design thinking process to tackle this fiery issue with creativity and innovation.

🌿 Team Highlights:

– Addy’s Group: Deployed drones with LIDAR tech to identify bushfire risks and take preventative measures.
– Ren’s Group: Harnessed AI to analyze satellite data for potential bushfire threats.
– Lucy’s Group: Utilised sensors for early smoke and temperature detection, alerting residents with evacuation directions.
– Olivia’s Group: Combined drones and satellites for landscape analysis and risk reduction.
– Fleur’s Group: Monitored vineyard soil moisture via satellite to prevent dry conditions that elevate fire risk.

👏 Our STEM Girls are not just learning about technology; they’re using it to forge solutions for some of our most pressing environmental challenges.

Stay tuned for more updates on their amazing journey in STEM! Thanks for having us FLEETS Space Agency!

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