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Assessment & Reporting

Assessment and reporting are crucial elements of our teaching and learning programs. The school year is divided into four assessment periods. During each period formal tests, oral work, group work, research and homework assignments are set to assess a student's ability in each subject.

At Mitcham, student achievement is reported in the form of written reports at the end of each term and Parent/Teacher Interviews conducted at the beginning of Term 2. The reports and interviews provide information on achievement and areas requiring improvement.  Student Report descriptor.

Through Daymap our teachers are continually assessing and reporting on individual tasks in all classes.  Parents and students can access individual assessment task results and comments as soon as they are released by the teacher. This happens continually throughout the reporting period.


Deadlines are handled by Daymap and if students fail to meet a deadline, it is recorded in Daymap for students and parents to see.

The Deadline Policy states:

  • All tasks must be submitted by the stated deadline.
  • Teachers are asked to ensure that all deadlines occur on a day when they have that class and the deadline time occurs during that lesson.
  • When a deadline occurs in the subject teacher's absence, the relieving teacher will be advised and will collect all assessment tasks during that lesson and place them in the absent teacher's pigeon hole.
  • Students who are absent for an assessment task deadline should arrange for the assessment task to be delivered by a third person, or post it to the teacher at the school (postmarked with the due date) or email it to the teacher with a screen print showing the date and time sent.
  • If a student does not submit the work a zero (0) mark will be recorded.
  • Parents/Caregivers are advised in writing when a zero (0) mark is recorded.

View Deadline Policy.

SACE Deadlines

The SACE Board has a Deadlines Policy, which is implemented by all SACE teachers in South Australia. It states that all students should submit all work by the due date shown on the Assessment Plan, or students will receive a zero. There is room for negotiating extensions where appropriate circumstances exist. Students who are absent for an assignment deadline should arrange for the assignment to be delivered by a third person or hand it in on return to school with evidence to support the absence [a medical certificate].


Year 8 students complete a Homework Grid in negotiation with their teachers and parents. The Homework Grid acknowledges a range of school based, Community Service and out-of-school activities.

The homework times for subjects in Years 9 - 11 are organised by the Year Level Managers.  A homework timetable will be provided for inclusion in the diary.

The expectation each night is:
Year 9       1 1/2 hours
Year 10     2 hours
Year 11     2 hours
Year 12     3 hours

Homework will generally be set to allow students to plan their time over a number of days. This enables students to manage homework and out-of-school commitments.

All students are expected to complete the homework set by their teachers. Parents and caregivers are asked to assist by checking that homework is done regularly and by encouraging students to develop consistent study habits. Please contact the relevant Year Level Manager if you have any concerns regarding homework.

Homework can be entered by the teacher as a note in Daymap.  This allows students and parents to see when homework has initially been set in comparison to its deadlines and helps to plan and organise work so that it is completed on time.

Special Circumstances

At times, students experience difficulties which  may affect their learning. We invite parents and caregivers to advise us of any circumstances that will help us to support their daughter's learning and participation. Please contact the Student Counsellors, Year Level Manager, Deputy Principal or relevant Assistant Principal to discuss concerns.

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Opening Hours - Update. Please be aware that due to site works the school will be closed on Thursday and Friday this week (14th and 15th of January) and also Monday and Friday of next week (18th and 22nd January). We will be open as normal from 8am - 3pm from Tuesday to Thursday of next week. Please don't hesitate to email any query to our info email address: Many thanks and Happy New Year!

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Year 7 Intake

On Tuesday 28 May 2019 the Premier of South Australia and the Minister for Education announced that Mitcham Girls High School will be a pilot school to ‘Lead the Way’ and offer Year 7 in a high school setting from 2020. We have been shortlisted because of our focus in progressive approaches to quality teaching and learning, our safe and supportive environment and our extensive transition program.

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