Mitcham Girls High School

Sub Committees

Sub Committees of the Governing Council include Canteen, Finance, ICT, Parent Voice/Fundraising, Physical Resources and Uniform.

The sub committees are comprised of parents, staff and students. Each committee includes at least one member of the Governing Council. This member brings regular reports back to the Governing Council.


The Canteen Committee provides input into the running of the Canteen which aims to provide a financially viable, hygienic food preparation and supply service, adhering to DECD "Rite Bite" guidelines. 


The Finance Committee supports the Governing Council, through the treasurer, to set the Materials and Services Charges for the year; review the proposed budget and check the monthly financial statements presented by the Finance Officer. 


The use of ICT is an integral part of teaching and learning.

World class education demands that schools support students to:

  • become Independent learners
  • have access to personalised learning

The ICT Committee has the responsibility of facilitating the use of technologies and programs which support staff to fulfil their role and students to have fast and efficient access to technologies.

The major role of the ICT Committee is to develop a 3 Year ICT Plan to be reviewed annually.  The Plan should ensure:

  • The provision of a robust infrastructure which supports easy and efficient access to online curriculum and other relevant information from anywhere at any time
  • staff and students have ready access to peripherals to facilitate teaching and learning
  • staff and students have access to current software
  • administrative functions of the school are supported and software is upgraded regularly so that support staff can deliver efficient and accurate services.

Parent Voice/Fundraising

The Parent Voice Committee aims to improve communication between the school and its community.  The role of this committee is evolving and the school is hoping that it will become another conduit of information and support for the community. 

This Committee also supports the Physical Resources Committee by raising funds, through various activities, to improve resources for students.

Should you wish to discuss any school issues, please contact Jenni Stewart, Executive Assistant (tel. 8272 8233), who will ask a member of the Governing Council to return your call.

Alternatively, you may want to email the Parent Voice Committee at

Physical Resources

This committee has an input into the development of grounds and buildings so that students can work in an environment that is comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing. 


The Uniform Committee has the responsibility of regularly reviewing the Uniform Policy and taking advice from parents, students and staff on possible changes to the Dress Code.  The committee works closely with students, parents and the Uniform Supplier on issues of quality, unfirom styles, costs, etc. 


Latest News

School Closure Notification - Site Works

Opening Hours - Update. Please be aware that due to site works the school will be closed on Thursday and Friday this week (14th and 15th of January) and also Monday and Friday of next week (18th and 22nd January). We will be open as normal from 8am - 3pm from Tuesday to Thursday of next week. Please don't hesitate to email any query to our info email address: Many thanks and Happy New Year!

Entertainment Book 2020/21

Year 7 Intake

On Tuesday 28 May 2019 the Premier of South Australia and the Minister for Education announced that Mitcham Girls High School will be a pilot school to ‘Lead the Way’ and offer Year 7 in a high school setting from 2020. We have been shortlisted because of our focus in progressive approaches to quality teaching and learning, our safe and supportive environment and our extensive transition program.

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