Mitcham Girls High School

2023 Revised Timetable Proposal

Dear Parents & Caregivers, 

Thank you for actively engaging in our 2023 Proposed Timetable consultation process.  Pleasingly, we have heard from over 400 members of our community, and we want you to know that we have read through each individual response to understand how we can improve our 2023 timetable proposal to meet the needs of our community. 
Whilst many people supported aspects of the timetable proposal, we understand the concerns that have been raised around: 

  • Transport 

  • 9AM start time & 10:10 start time on Wednesday 

  • 3:30 dismissal time 

The Timetable Committee, Governing Council and SRC Executive have been involved in discussions to address the feedback presented by our community.  
We would like to propose a revised timetable structure for 2023 that we believe takes into consideration the feedback from our community and still meets the objectives outlined in our brief.  
Please note the following adjustments to this revised timetable: 

  • The school day begins at 8:45AM, and finishes at 3:15PM (the same as our current model) 

  • On Wednesday there is an early finish at 2:15PM (ten minutes earlier than current) to allow staff to engage in their Professional Learning 

  • The Wednesday Care Group lesson has been extended from 50 minutes to 60 (compared to the original proposal). This is to create a consistent recess time across the five days. 
    Please note that the overall Care Group program has fewer minutes than it does in the current 2022 model. 

  • As a result of the early finish on a Wednesday, there will be one less single lesson after lunch compared to the original proposal.  

  • The school week is ten minutes longer than the original proposal (1590 minutes).  

  • Lesson 1 will begin at 8:45AM 

  • The revised timetable will place MGHS on a different timetable structure to Unley and Urrbrae. This may impact our Alliance options for our Yr 12 students. 

If you have any feedback on the revised model, we encourage you to respond at the following link by 5PM Monday the 27th of June: 2023 Revised Timetable Proposal 

Your feedback will then be presented to Governing Council on Monday night, who will meet to discuss and vote on a timetable structure moving forward for 2023. 


Senior Leadership Team


Original Timetable Proposal


Please watch the following video (5 minutes) to hear an explanation of the 2023 proposal: 


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