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Week 6 Parent Update

04-Jun-21Principal Linda Richardson shares the Week 6 Parent Update.

Dear Parents/Caregivers,  

As we approach the end of the semester, I would like to acknowledge the hard work of students and staff who are busy ensuring that all assessment deadlines are met in preparation for end of semester reports.  It has also been wonderful to see the many student-led activities over the past two weeks showing excellent leadership and school pride.  

Reconciliation Week 

This week students acknowledged the Traditional Owners of the Land as part of Reconciliation Week.  Student leaders led an informative interactive session at assembly and ran special lunchtime events. 

Senior Leadership Team

Now that we have our full senior leadership team in place, please see photos below to help you put names to faces.  We aim to build strong relationships and look forward to meeting parents. 


Policy Update 

As you may have learned via the media, DfE schools are required to review Mobile Phone Policies and ensure updated policies are reflected on school websites by the end of the current term.  We are currently undertaking the process of gathering feedback from staff, students and parents regarding this matter.  Currently, MGHS policy states that students can use their phones as we have a focus on responsible use practices.  Deputy Principal, Nathan Cini spoke at Middle School and Senior Schools assemblies this week about responsible use of mobile phones and is seeking student input into further developing this policy.  Our current position for the Mobile Phone Policy is: 
“We see electronic devices as tools for learning. All devices are not seen/used until directed by the teacher.” 
Parents are also encouraged to contribute their views by completing the following short survey: 

Mobile Phone Policy Survey  

So far, we have collated in excess of 350 responses, and we plan to share the findings shortly.  

The following statement has also been communicated to our community via Daymap and is also available on our website: 
Letter to our Community 

Student Illness 

If a student is feeling unwell whilst at school, they are to advise a teacher and report to Student Services/Sick Bay to allow administrative staff to arrange a parent/caregiver to collect them, rather than having students phoning parents directly and leaving the school without permission.  

Parent Information Night   

Thank you for letting us know if you are attending our Parent Information Night at 6pm on 9th June in the Millhouse Centre. We require final numbers by next Monday 7th June to allow us to meet COVID requirements.  Please respond to survey below to advise of attendance. 

Student Free Day 

A reminder that our Student Free Day is scheduled for next Friday 11th June during which staff will be working with our DfE Behaviour Coach Matt Haslett, undertaking training to provide optimum conditions for student engagement.  

Linda Richardson, Principal
& the Senior Leadership Team 

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Week 6 Parent Update

Principal Linda Richardson shares the Week 6 Parent Update.

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