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Mobile Phone Policy

04-Jun-21A message from Deputy Principal Nathan Cini regarding social media use and the Mobile Phone Policy.

Dear Mitcham Girls High School community,

I am writing to you today to discuss how social media is being used in our community.
We have growing concerns as a school community by the content of posts on various online platforms that are being created and published by our students. Our concern is the wellbeing, safety and reputation of our students and our school. 

Our role as a school is to help educate everyone on how to safely and responsibly engage with social media. This week our students were addressed at assembly to continue the conversation  about how to safely and responsibly engage in social media, and to equip our cohort with some basic facts so that they can make the right decisions. 

Keep Control
Please be aware that when you post an image or a video – you are handing over control of that image or video to the social media platform and that file is now a permanent public record. The social media platform can use the content as they please.
This is part of the terms and conditions that you agree to when creating your account.

Be Proud
If you are not happy for a teacher, parent, or a university or a future employer to see the video do not publish it. Even if you think you are making the content ‘private,’ you are still handing that video and image over to someone else’s control. 

Your Future
It is common practice for employers to comb through someone's social media presence before hiring an applicant. Please be aware the actions you are taking now could impact on your future.

Be Aware
We have also heard far too many times this year that "you didn’t think the content was going to be posted online". If you are not proud of it, don’t film it, or better yet, don’t engage in it. 

Police Matters
When you post something online that is offensive or targeting someone, please know that this can be a police matter. As a school we can get involved and discuss the impact it has in our community, and follow up with consequences, but depending on the circumstances it could be the police that follow up the incident.

This conversation around appropriate social media usage will continue in the coming months in Care Group.

Moving forward, we need you to use your devices safely and responsibly.  

You are not permitted to upload content with our uniform or grounds in it without our permission and consequences will apply for those who don’t follow these expectations.
Please see me for more information regarding this.  

Currently a Mobile Phone Policy is being drafted.  We are working with staff, students and parents to have the new policy published by the end of Term 2. To guide our policy, we are considering safety and security to ensure that mobile phones do not impact the continuity of learning at Mitcham Girls High School.
If you would like to help shape our policy please feel free to fill in the following survey: 


Nathan Cini
Deputy Principal

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