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The Better Locker Project

31-Mar-21Stage 2 Business Innovation class completes The Better Locker Project

As a result of 'Design Thinking', our clever Stage 2 Business Innovation students were able to create customer-focused locker designs that are likely to work. They identified areas of concern associated with our school lockers and were delighted to have Michael Merlino, an industrial engineer and Creative Manager at Resource Furniture, provide them with industry feedback on their rough aspirational prototypes in response to the identified needs.

Once again, it was a pleasure to be a part of the Business Innovation Panel and listen to student presentations on locker design. It was fantastic to see the level of research and thought process behind the concepts delivered. The way in which they listened and documented student feedback and addressed design elements that could be improved with existing challenges was impressive to see. - Michael Merlino

The opportunity to tap into this industry knowledge and experience was so important for the students to firstly prove that their wild ideas are likely work and secondly to build the confidence to present and justify their ideas to someone from 'outside the building'.

Some student responses to the round-table experience:

It helped to build my confidence to be able to approach and know what to say later in the year when I need to take my prototypes out to other experts.

He gave us an outside perspective; fresh ideas.

It was great to get feedback on the technical side not just that it 'looks pretty', but feedback on practicality and materials.

Renata Potoczky
Business Innovation Teacher

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