Mitcham Girls High School

Remembrance Day Ceremony 2021

06-Dec-21Students from Mr. Webb's History class recap our school's celebration of Remembrance Day.

On 11 November, Mitcham Girls High School celebrated Rememberance Day. This very significant day involved remembering, reflecting and honouring fallen soldiers and military service.

Mr. Webb's Year 9 History class created symbolic decorations and information speeches, along with Ms. Tomlian's class reciting the poem ' In Flander's Field'. Pupils conducted research and learnt the meaning behind the tradition. Dozens of paper poppies were created by students with careful handiwork, incorporating origami techniques. Courtyard and classroom walls were adorned with beautiful poppy decorations.

Some students who participate in the Australian Cadets Youth Military program marched and raised the Australian Flag during the ceremony. We had a miniute of silence to pay our respects and this was followed by Ms. Richardson, the principal, sharing some inspiring words. It was a wonderful day for our school that honoured the sacrifices that were made for our country.

Kaitlin Mohais & Venika Thakur

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