Mitcham Girls High School

Gifted & Talented (GifT) Programs

GifT Academic

Each year GifT classes are formed at Year 7 and 8 in Mathematics, English and Science.  At the beginning of Year 9 a Humanities and Social Sciences GifT class will also be offered.  Process for identifying students:

  • All Year 7 and 8 parents are asked to nominate their daughter as a potential candidate.
  • All students are given the opportunity to sit the Raven Test, writing tasks and mathematic problems.  NAPLAN results are also used for selection purposes.

Once the information is gathered, GifT classes in Year 8 Mathematics, English and Science are formed.

The same process is used towards the end of the year to form the GifT class in Humanities and Social Sciences which begins at Year 9 the following year.

Through regular reviews, students move in and out of GifT classes according to their results.  Parents are consulted as part of this process.

The decision to move students in and out of GifT classes is not taken lightly.  The school believes that a student should study in a setting best suited to her needs so her full potential may be achieved, be it in a GifT class or in any other class.

GifT Dance

The GifT Dance Program at Mitcham Girls High School offers girls the opportunity to develop their skills and passion for dance performance.  Students develop creative, technical and physical understanding and an appreciation of dance as an art form.

With intensive and skilful coaching students become successful performers.  Our GifT dance teacher is recognised as a leader in Dance Education.  She has had professional experience with teaching expertise in ballet, contemporary dance and jazz dance technique, including choreography for musical theatre productions and national choirs.  She has also played a significant role in the development of the SACE Dance curriculum and the management of Dance assessment in South Australia.

For those of you who love dance and want to share and develop your gift, GifT Dance at Mitcham Girls High School is for you.

Entry by audition.

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