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Stage 2

Nutrition is a science which immerses students in the fundamentals of human nutrition, physiology and health and promotes investigation of current and emerging trends. It is the study of dietary, lifestyle, and healthy eating patterns with specific focus on nutrients in food, how the body uses nutrients, and the relationship between diet, health, and disease. Students apply knowledge and understanding of nutrition to conduct investigations and examine scenarios.

Students use technologies, scientific evidence, and research to critically analyse information and make informed decisions or recommendations. Students consider how the food and nutrition needs of different population demographics are affected by food availability and product development. Students develop an understanding of the need to evaluate food systems and food quality standards, marketing of food, food availability, and cultural influences on food selection. Through this understanding, students develop their personal and social capabilities, and ethical and intercultural understanding. Students explore the link between food systems, environmental impacts, climate change, and food sustainability. They suggest solutions to complex issues, informed by current research and Australian consumer-protection practices.

Students have opportunities to investigate contemporary issues of global and local food trends, advances in technology, and the development of new foods and food packaging. These issues will affect the future health and nutrition of populations.

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