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Year 7 | Year 8 | Year 9

Geography courses are organised into two strands: geographical knowledge and understanding and geographical inquiry and skills. It is through the development and use of these key skills and understanding that students explore each of the course content topics.

Year 7
“Water in the World” develops students’ understanding of the concept of environment. Water is investigated using case studies taken from Australia and other countries. “Place and Liveability” examines the factors that influence liveability and how it is perceived. Students will undertake a local excursion examining the services and facilities needed to support and enhance our lives.

Year 8
“Landforms and Landscapes” examines a variety of geographical issues and processes in regard to individual landforms and develops students’ understanding of the concept of environment. Students will undertake an excursion examining a particular landform. “Changing Nations” investigates the changing human geography of countries, exploring the process of urbanization and drawing on a study of a country in the Asian region.

Year 9
“Biomes and Food Security” focuses on the role of the biotic environment and its part in food and fibre production. Students undertake practical investigations of food production and consider how we might sustainably feed the growing global population. “Geographies of Interconnections” looks at how people, through their choices and actions, are connected to places throughout the world in a wide variety of ways.

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