Canteen Mission Statement

Mitcham Girls High School has approximately 530 female students ranging from Years 8 to 13.  Many of these students travel some distance, some up to one and a half hours to get to school and then home again each day.  Most of these girls and young women are under the age of compulsion.

The MGHS Canteen adheres to the DECD "'Marginal Guidelines' and aims to provide:

  1. A financially viable, hygienic food preparation and supply service, adhering to healthy eating guidelines.
  2. A range of attractive foods.
  3. A commercial environment which links to, reflects and supports curriculum outcomes.
  4. A service reflective of student and wider community needs.

To these ends, a representational Canteen Committee is formed each year with members of the Governing Council, Staff, Students and School Administration, along with the Canteen Manager.  These stakeholders overview and provide input into the running of the Canteen.  The composition, roles and responsibilities for members of this committee are contained in the school's Canteen Policy.

Evaluation:  This statement will be reviewed as required.

Accepted by Committee:  20 October 2009

Canteen Price List

Canteen Corner

As the world is changing and travel becomes easier, we have become a multi-cultural society.

The Canteen feels it needs to keep up with our lifestyle choices, which create special dietary requirement.  Lifestyle choices could be the choice to be vegetarian, vegan or religious.

With this in mind the Canteen will now offer gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and halal food items.  Due to the increased cost of these products to the Canteen there will be a limited selection and amount available (not necessarily every day).  To ensure you get your life style choice food pre order before school.

Life style choice food codes to look for on our bags and labels:

GF = Gluten Free (contains no gluten protein which is found in wheat, rye and barley)

V = Vegan (no foods containing animal based products)

Veg = Vegetarian (may contain animal based products, e.g. cheese, egg)

Halal = Halal (denoting or relating to food prepared as prescribed by muslim law)

Don’t forget to join us for breakfast, available from 7:30am every day (from $1.20 to $3.00)

At recess or lunch take a trip down memory with a refreshing Nippy’s Frozen Fruit Cup ($1.00)