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Sporting activities and fitness are encouraged at Mitcham Girls High School. We are proud of the high level of participation and achievement in sport.

The following sports are available in a range of activity environments: running, swimming, fitness, tennis, volleyball, netball, badminton, soccer, basketball and skiing.

Physical activity is also encouraged through such activities as the Dance program, team sports and lunch time programs.

The school gymnasium is used for a variety of sports within the Physical Education Program, for intra-school and inter-school sport and for use by the local community. 

All students participate in the annual Swimming Carnival and Sports Day.  Both days offer fun activities as well competition events.

Mitcham Girls High School has a half-Olympic sized swimming pool.  During Terms 1 and 4, the pool is open, and supervised, at lunchtimes for students to swim.  However, parents/caregivers will need to complete and sign a swimming consent form before their daughter will be allowed in the pool. Swimming Consent forms can be collected from the PE office or downloaded from the link below.

Swimming Consent Form

Over the year, Mitcham Girls High School enters many teams in the Southern Zone After School Sport Competition.  In this competition, our girls play against girls from other schools in Southern Adelaide.  The matches are held after school weekly from 3:30-4:30pm, on a home and away basis.  Students are transported to away venues but must make their own arrangements for getting home. Practices are held at lunchtimes, or sometimes after school, and each team is supported by a teacher/coach.

Zone Sport

The following sports are generally offered:

Term 1   Week 4 - Week 10                Term 2/3   Week 4 (T2) - Week 4 (T3)            Term 3/4   Week 7 (T3) - Week 6 (T4)
Year 8/9 Volleyball
Open Volleyball
Year 8/9 Tennis
Year 8/9 Basketball
Open Basketball
Open Indoor Soccer
  Year 8/9 Soccer
Open Soccer
Open Badminton
Year 8/9 Netball - ETSA Park
Open Netball - ETSA Park  
           Year 8/9 Volleyball
Year 10/11 Volleyball
Year 8/9 Basketball
Open Basketball
Year 8/9 Tennis
Open Tennis
Year 8/9 Badminton
Year 10/11 Badminton
Year 8/9 Indoor Soccer







To nominate for a sport students must attend a meeting at recess time at the beginning of each term to receive information about their selected sport/s.  All meetings are advertised in the Student Bulletin.

Teams are only able to run if we get enough students interested, have a staff coach/manager for each team and there are other schools in our zone who also have teams to enter the competition.

Once a team is entered in the Southern Zone Sports Competition students will have team meetings to organise practice sessions and receive consent forms, programs, etc.

Students must listen to daily notices in the Student Bulletin to find out about meeting and practice times.  All meetings and practices are compulsory.

Any questions please contact the school on 8272 8233.


Latest News

Student Reports

State Winner Year 9 for South Australia

Congratulations to Zuha Faisal for her successful entry in the National History Challenge.  

Alliance of Girls' School Space Scholarship

Congratulations to Year 11 student, Maisie Walker, who won the Alliance of Girls' School's Space Scholarship valued at $10,000. Maisie will spend two weeks in Houston in 2018.

National Invention Convention

Congratulations to Year 8 student, Sanjana Aneja, who was chosen to represent SA at the National Invention Convention in Canberra in January 2018.

Dance Showcase 'FRAMED'

Congratulations to the Mitcham Girls High School dancers for their brilliant performance at the Scott Theatre on Tuesday 26 September.  The Showcase steps to a higher level each year and the school thanks you and your teachers for your hard work and commitment. Many thanks to the 450 members of the audience who supported this event.


Work on the new MGHS STEM Centre will commence in September 2017.  Once completed students will have access to flexible learning spaces and various technologies which will enable them to explore ideas, test various hypotheses and apply what they learn to real situations.

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