Mitcham Girls High School


Mitcham Girls High School delivers a diverse learning program for girls from Years 8 -13. The school offers a broad education base to enable students to experience a wide variety of subjects.

For detailed information on the subjects offered at Mitcham Girls High School please refer to the 2019 Curriculum Guide

Middle School

At Mitcham Girls High School students in Years 8 and 9 are considered to be part of the Middle School. Their wellbeing needs are addressed through a range of strategies implemented by teaching staff, which have been derived from the Mind Matters program. In particular, however, the Care Group Program is a forum where specific support can be provided. In Year 8, student focus is on ensuring a successful transition into the secondary setting through discussing the nature of friendships, developing resilience, dealing with anxiety and the impact of aggressive behaviours such as cyberbullying. Year 11 Peer Leaders also provide students with support as they participate in extended Care Group sessions and prepare activities. The Year 8 Camp is an essential component of developing important collegial and personal skills.

In Year 9 students undertake the Challenge Program. They become familiar with the notions of adversity, resilience and goal setting. Spread over a number of sessions throughout the year, students learn to recognise the attributes of resilient people and apply this to challenges that they may encounter. They also set personal and academic goals and have time to reflect on these in a planned and supported fashion.

An exciting opportunity offered to students in the Middle School, is becoming a part of the Children’s University. This program, which is run in partnership with the University of Adelaide, encourages extra-curricular learning and volunteering, which is recognised, recorded and rewarded.

Senior School

Students in Year 10, 11 and 12 are considered to be members of the Senior School. The Care Group teacher is the first point of contact for students and parents and the Care Group Program aims to deliver timely and accurate information relevant to maturing adolescents.

Performance, participation and wellbeing are addressed and monitored. Any concerns are addressed by the Care Group teachers, the Year Level Leaders and the Senior School Team through the implementation of a comprehensive Care Group Program. This allows staff to respond promptly to a variety of issues which students may face.

The Senior School is focused on student wellbeing and, as such, offers a variety of activities to help promote a healthy attitude toward school and life in general.  It also provides assistance and encouragement for academic excellence.  Programs such as:

  • Year 10 Risky Business – designed for students to determine strategies for positive risk taking
  • Year 11 Reflection Day – designed for students to reflect and refocus on their goals
  • Year 12 Retreat – designed as a check point in a difficult year of study

Senior School students are also offered the opportunity to participate in the annual Ski Trip to Falls Creek.

The Wellbeing Program, with its focus on resilience, includes a different and specific focus each week, evoking discussion at assemblies, Care Group and in other subject lessons.

This multi layered approach is critical to developing young women to be successful and ready for the world at the conclusion of their studies at Mitcham Girls High School.

Senior School Alliance

Mitcham Girls High School cooperates with Unley and Urrbrae Agricultural High Schools to offer some SACE subjects across the three schools.  This alliance enables us to offer our students access to the most comprehensive range of subjects available.  Students who enrol in these subjects may have to travel to one of these schools to attend classes.

At Year 11 and 12 some boys from Unley and Urrbrae may also come to Mitcham for some of their subjects.


Students have been studying in each of the eight curriculum areas of the South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability Framework - SACSAF.  That is: The Arts, Design and Technology, English, Health and Physical Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Languages (French, Italian), Mathematics and Science.  In 2014, Year 8 students will follow the Australian Curriculum in Science, Maths, English and History.

In the Senior School, students study a wide range of subjects accredited by the SACE Board of South Australia. We maintain a strong academic focus, with the majority of our students completing the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and many gaining outstanding results.  More than 90% of our students usually follow tertiary pathways at the end of their secondary schooling.


Latest News

Congratulations Antoinette Jones !!

Winner of the 2018 Public Education Awards - Leadership.

National History Challenge State Winners

Congratulations to Michaela Collins and Sahithya Paramasivam for their successful entries in the National History Challenge.  Michaela is the State winner in the History of Sport category and Sahithya is the State winner in the Year 9 category.

Year 7 Intake

All Year 7 students will transition to high school in 2022. However, some schools will be given permission by the Department for Education to start this process in 2020. Should Mitcham Girls High School be one of these schools the community will be informed through media, advertisements and this news will be placed on our website. Watch this space!

Year 10 Student - Open Girls State Squash Champion

Congratulations to Remashree Muniandy representing Mitcham Girls at the 2018 High School Squash Championships.

Adelaide International Youth Film Festival Certificate of Achievement

Congratulations to Hannah Wilkinson who represented Australia as an ambassador for the Adelaide International Youth Film Festival (AIYFF) at the 2018 Giffoni Film Festival, Italy, in July.


Work on the new MGHS STEM Centre has commenced.  Once completed students will have access to flexible learning spaces and various technologies which will enable them to explore ideas, test various hypotheses and apply what they learn to real situations.

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