Anyone interested in seeing the school is invited to attend our Open Day, held in May each year.

Principal Tours are also held on a regular basis and dates are listed on our school calendar.

If you wish to take part in a tour please book a place by phoning the school.

Year 7/8 Transition

As Mitcham Girls High is a public school, the Year 7 to 8 transition process is managed through the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD).  Parents should be aware that, due to the information being processed at a state-wide level, the process is a lengthy one.

At the end of Term 1, all Year 7 government students will receive an Enrolment Package from their primary school. This Enrolment Package will include a Registration of Interest.  Government students need to complete and return this form to their primary school by the end of Week 3, Term 2. Non-government students who wish to attend a government high school will also need to complete the Registration of Interest 
.  For these students, the form must be returned to DECD.

For enrolment at Mitcham Girls High School, parents need to indicate on their Registration of Interest that their daughter does not wish to attend her zoned high school.  If a parent indicates Mitcham Girls High School on the form, as the student's Choice 1 School, then she will be automatically assigned to attend Mitcham Girls.  No supporting evidence is necessary as Mitcham Girls is not a zoned school and, being the only single sex school in the State, it aims at accepting all Year 8 students who believe they will benefit from a single sex environment.

We will send an acceptance pack to all students who have applied to come to Mitcham Girls High School by the end of Week 4, Term 3. The Mitcham Girls High School acceptance pack includes our school enrolment forms. These forms must be completed and returned directly to the school as soon as possible.  Prompt return of the forms will guarantee your daughter's place and give her a greater chance of receiving her first preference choice subjects.

Mitcham Girls High School holds a Transition Day for future Year 8 students. You will be advised of the date in your acceptance pack and through further correspondence.

For further information on the general process visit the DECD website or phone Mitcham Girls High School.

Years 9 - 12

For enrolment after the beginning of Year 8, parents should contact the school directly. As Mitcham Girls High School is not a zoned school, no student has right of entry. Rather, enrolment at Mitcham Girls is dependent on student numbers and class availability.

Interested parents will need to phone the school to express their interest or complete the Expression of Interest to Enrol form and once completed email to dl.0903.info@schools.sa.edu.au. The enrolling parent will then be contacted within a few days by a school counsellor.  Prospective students are expected to attend an interview with their parents.