Each year Mitcham Girls High School participates in the South Australian Debating Association Schools Competition. Girls from every year level have the opportunity to be part of a debating team.

Year 8 and 9 teams debate on Tuesday evenings.

Year 10 and Senior A teams debate on Wednesday evenings.

Debates are held at participating schools within our region and each team takes part in 5 debates each season. As debators, girls have the opportunity to build  confidence as they develop critical thinking, public speaking and team work skills. 

Each of the teams is supported by a teacher/coach and the debates provide a forum for students to engage with relevant and contemporary issues.

Interested students should attend a debating meeting. Meetings are held regularly throughout the debating season and are advertised in the daily bulletin.

Over the years, we have had high success in this endeavour.  One of our students was debator of the year, for two consecutive years and a Year 8 and Year 10 Team won the State Championships.