Governing Council

The Governing Council assists and advises the Principal on matters relating to the development of the school.

The Mitcham Girls High School Governing Council Inc. is comprised of elected parents, student representatives, the Principal and staff members elected by the staff.

The Council meets twice each term.

If you are interested in serving on the Governing Council, or any of its committees, please ring the Principal to discuss areas of interest to you.  For more information read "A Guide for Prospective Members".

Governing Council 2017/2018

Chairperson Rob McDonald  
Vice Chairperson Andrew Piggin  
Treasurer Mark Whyte                                     
Minute Secretary / Secretary Jenni Stewart  
Members Sharon Fielder                        
  Sharon Hughes  
  Suzanne Marsh  
  Greg Macpherson  
  Liz McGrath  
  Ady Milotti  
  Tim O'Loughlin  
  Laura Rodriguez  
Staff Representatives Tony Sims  
  Colleen Tomlian